A-Frame signs, also known as Sandwich Boards come with versatile, durable outdoor boards designed by Sign Parrot, you’ll draw attention to your storefront and invite people to come take a look. The lettering on the boards is changeable, which allows you to tailor the advertising to suit your company’s current sales and promotions. These light-weight signs can be a low-cost investment to reach multiple audiences with your company’s individualized messages.


custom signage solutions

A-frame signs, or sandwich boards are a very versatile portable sign solution for many uses. They are ideal for businesses to place on the sidewalk each day to gain more exposure. AFrames are also ideal as real estate signs, with the ability to pack them up and move them from property to property as you go. Portable and affordable – a great sign choice.

  • Solid fabrication
  • Different insert options
  • Grab the attention of walk by customers
  • Great for seasonal sales
  • Various sizes available

Sign Parrot has a vast array of Aframe options to choose from. Whether it’s PVC or any other custom option, we can do it! We can even provide wheels to make them easier to handle. Changeable design panels allow you to change your sign on a daily basis with little to no effort. Change your specials or events on the fly.

Our A Frame signs are made from PVC, Aluminum, Steel, or Wood and come in many different sizes. Print two panels or four as you can change your message by simply folding the a-frame sign to display the opposite side. With easy to change panels, you can change your message as frequently as your marketing campaign requires.


High Visibility

A-Frame Signs and Sandwich Boards

In high traffic areas, A-frame signs give you high visibility for people walking or driving by your location. They’re almost impossible to ignore, and Sign Parrot can design them so they POP. Display specials, discounts, and other promotions. It’s great for seasonal specials and sales. A-frame signs are a very effective way to get your message out.

Cost Effective

Because of the quality fabrication and the fact that it’s portable, you can use the sign for many years. One of the most inexpensive advertising tools, A-frame signs are great for any store front or event.


A-frame graphics advertising is a relatively innovative method of advertising. It essentially is creating a 3D billboard attracting the attention of everyone walking, a car, a van, a pickup, an SUV, a delivery truck, a boat, an 18 wheeler trailer or an RV.

Material Performance

A Frame advertising is now a popular advertising medium, especially because of the high performance vinyl materials and relatively inexpensive digital printing available today. These materials last for a long time (typically 5 years), and can be easily removed. Moreover, if you need to change a portion of the graphic like update your address, telephone number etc. it’s very easy. Such performance is not possible with paint which is a lot more expensive to apply and very difficult to remove.


A-frame Signs can be used indoors or outdoors, and in various locations. Easy to move and store. You can use them inside to point customers to specials you’re promoting as well.

Increased Exposure

Place them in strategic locations to get the most exposure possible. They’re portable, so you can test different areas to see where you get the best response. With the ability to switch out faces, you can also change your message every day to gain more notice.