custom signage solutions

Vinyl offers a semi-gloss appearance, which can be noticeable when light shines on the surface. Avoid placing banners in direct light to reduce visible glare; the less glare, the clearer the design.

Since vinyl banners are heavier than fabric or mesh, we recommend choosing one of our grommet options that places grommets around the edges of your banner in addition to the four corners. This will ensure it is pulled taut when displayed (this is especially the case with larger banners) and gives you more anchor points to securely display it, regardless of the conditions. Another common way to display a vinyl banner is by using pole pockets to suspend the banner from a pole or from rope.

display vinyl banner


Designed for both functionality and aesthetics, fabric custom banners present a beautifully printed image with impressive quality. Lightweight polyester contributes to this banner’s exceptional functionality, allowing the banner to be easily transported and displayed (which makes decorating easy at events hosted in venues or satellite locations).

Fabric banners offer a slight transparency; displaying in front of windows or light sources will allow light to illuminate through the material (of course, this effect is not comparable to the semi-transparent nature of mesh banners).


Fabric banners are meant for indoor use, though displaying outside is possible as long as you avoid doing so in heavy rain or wind (inclimate weather is bad in any display situation for these banners). Hanging fabric banners from a ceiling or awning is a typical indoor (and sometimes outdoor) method for professional displaying. As with vinyl banners, fabric banners can either include grommets or pole pockets to help you hang your banner in the ideal location.


The mesh construction used for our mesh banners reduces weight and allows wind and light to pass through the banner – don’t worry, the quality of the printed design is still maintained.  It’s important to note that the colors and graphics on these banners are often described as “lighter” or “muted” when compared to their vinyl and/or fabric counterparts. For the best image quality, mesh banners are best viewed from a distance.

Functionality is the name of the game for mesh custom banners, especially when displayed outdoors, as they boast both wind resistance and a semi-transparent effect when displayed.

The 10 oz. PVC mesh offers exceptional tensile strength while preserving the lightweight form. This mesh pattern has a ratio of 70:30; meaning that 70% of the banner is actual material whereas 30% is made of very small holes. Mesh banners include hemmed edges to ensure that the material does not tear when pulled taut during display.