How to:

  1. Place the square next to or on whatever surface you would like measured.
  2. Place the pink/magenta side out facing towards you.
  3. We recommend using a low tack tape like scotch or masking tape to hold in place if needed. (remember more abrasive tapes and adhesives can damage surfaces)
  4. Take about 10 steps back, if you are unable to get that far back it’s okay but get as far back as possible. For larger surfaces you may have to get farther back, this is okay. For full storefronts we would like a photo with all windows.
  5. Take your photos as straight on as possible, remember any skewing or angling of the photo can prevent us from getting the measurements.
  6. Take one to two photos of each surface (wall, window, door, etc)
  7. Scan the QR code to be taken to the upload submission form
  8. Complete the form, upload the photos and you’re all set. We will get back to you right away with an estimate for you.

Note: If you are completing the form and uploading the photos from your phone, please resize the images prior to uploading. It is best to upload your images and complete the form submission from your computer.